Belly dancing is an art form that utilises the natural movement and rhythm of each individual, thus making the body flexible and stronger.  It strengthens and tones the whole body while developing grace and balance.

A typical belly dance class provides a low impact, moderate aerobic workout.  Belly dance is both a mystery and a delight.  It can be whatever you make of it – inspiring you to be confident in yourself and show your vivacity.

Our Story

With the goal to help uplift women through the art of belly dance, Janka’s Oriental Dance Studio was founded by Janka Kliment in 2006.

Today the studio is owned by Melanie Walls and Jessica Perelson and has been renamed Zahra’s Oriental Dance Studio, fulfilling a desire expressed by its founder.  Melanie and Jessica have remained true to Janka’s vision and belief that the art of belly dance can benefit all women, regardless of their age, fitness level or body shape.

belly dancing

Belly dance is a graceful art

Our Mission

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Belly dancing uses the natural motion of a woman’s body, allowing gentle conditioning which promotes flexibility and muscle control without impacting the joints.  We encourage a safe and friendly environment for all women to explore who they are and how they feel about their bodies.

Classes vary from a beginner level to advanced/professional.  They include various styles, isolation and props, with an emphasis on teaching appropriate technique and appreciation for the cultural origins of the various styles of oriental dance.

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