I love to read, I enjoy books that have a message or can teach me something.  Senta Duffield, is not only an amazing dancer and great inspiration to our community, she has now also written a book.

I had the wonderful privilege of attending a workshop, based around the book. It was a wonderfully freeing exercise!

The book is written in sections, so that at any point you can return to the book and it can again guide you through your current challenge. It’s also written in such a way, that if all your challenge needs right now is some inspiration and not deep reflection, you will find it here.

It’s by no means, meant to replace your therapist, or tear down protective walls that help us cope in our day to day chaotic lives. But offers a quiet safe place, to reflect and make friends with our desires, needs and challenges.

Whether you have never danced a step in your life or have been dancing since you where a toddler, makes no difference.

Each style of dance is clearly defined and outlined in Part Three, and how you choose to interact with your “skeleton” is entirely up to you and where you are right now. The book asks you to extend yourself only as far as it’s possibly for you in the time and space you have to work with.