I thought I would take some time and do a series on where our favourite dance style came from and how it looks in various countries.

Now depending on which path your teacher took, the version may vary.
We all agree the base style is very old, passed on from mother to daughter, each movement having a specific purpose.

Some believe that the style originated with the gypsy and their exodus from India in 6th century. But we all agree that it’s wonderfully empowering and immensely helpful to each and every one of us.

Each region and every country has its own form of the dance, along with folkloric style.

Now if you follow the gypsy theory. Then you believe that the similarities are due to the Gypsy’s migration through the various regions. It is believed that they would arrive in an area, learn the local folk dance and then mix it with their own style. The men worked as labourers and the women danced at festivals.

When they left, they left behind this “new” style of dance.  The local people adapted it and incorporated it into their existing style, and thus there are so many different styles of dance and it varies by location.

dance style

For the next few weeks. I thought it would be fun (for me) and informative (for you) to cover the various styles danced and what history I’ve been able to gather. I don’t claim to be an expert, I’m not a University graduate. My everyday job, you know the one that pays the bills, has little (OK nothing) to do with my passion!

I do love the dance style and everything it encompasses, the community that is built around it. Mostly I love who I am when I’m engrossed in a dance related project. A few blog posts ago, I asked the question what nurtures you? This is my answer, a small project I can work on during down time in the office and quiet moments at home, when everyone else is napping!

dance style

Melanie & Jessica

We are the owners of Zahra’s Oriental Dance Studio.  We are passionate about teaching dancing and love creating a community around this mystical art form.

Shimmy along with us.