Zahra’s has upheld the time-honored tradition of World Belly Dance Day since our studio founder put on our first May show back in 2010.

World Belly Dance Day is celebrated globally every 2nd Saturday of May. The aim is to bring together dance studio’s within a community and they raise funds for charity.

We have raised funds for causes like CAT CARE, Port Elizabeth Animal Rescue (P.E.A.R), Eastern Cape Horse Rescue. Seeing a trend?

As Zahra’s host’s two charity shows a year, we do an animal charity in May and women or child charity in December.

Over the next few months leading up to World Belly Dance Day this May, we will be running feature blogs on our various participants joining us from across the country.

I thought it fitting to start our blog series off with a little about why Zahra’s feels so passionate about this fundraiser.

Jessica and I believe that giving back to our community is so very important. That the friendships we forge within our dancing community should be fostered and nurtured.

With a group of women, this is easier said than done. But we do our best and have made many wonderful friends over the course of the years.

A favorite part of the charity show is spending time with our fellow dancers from other cities. Hearing all about the things they have gotten up to over the last year! We get to dance together and laugh together, it’s always such a treat to see what everyone is up to.

We try and bring something a little different each year to our audience and have had shows around picnics, high tea’s and in restaurants. The showcase is a wonderful opportunity for our students family and friends to come along and see what they have gotten up to this year.

Our charity also comes along and chats’s to our patrons, telling them all the ways they can help the cause. It’s not always easy to choose a charity, there are so many worthy causes. We try and find a charity that resonates with our student’s and continue from there. We put the choice’s forward and we vote, the charity with the most nods becomes our charity.

This year we have been super lucky to have secured the Savoy Theatre and we have wonderful national artist’s joining us. Now if you are in the entertainment industry, you know that a theatre is not cheaply come by. To that end, our studio will be doing a few additional fundraisers to raise funds to cover the costs. We don’t take any funds other than the cost of putting on a show, the entire profit of a showcase goes to our charity.

We look forward to sharing our journey with you as we put together our first theatre production since 2010!

If you would like to be apart of our journey – send us an email (

We will then send you all the information about a weekend that is promising to be full of fun and laughter. Workshops and dancing!

Melanie Wallis

Melanie started dancing and performing for Janka’s Oriental Dance Studio in 2006.  Under the mentorship of Janka Kliment, Melanie began her training to become an Oriental Dance teacher in 2008 and completed it under Asja Samia in 2011.  Melanie is also a certified health and fitness instructor.   Following Janka’s return to Slovakia in 2013, Melanie and Jessica chose to carry forward the vision of their friend and mentor.  They purchased the studio and continue to teach the art and beauty of the dance to all aspiring belly dancers.