I love this time of year, it’s full of planning and prepping and getting all our ducks in a row for 2019. This is by far one of my favourite blogs to write, what do we have in store for you this year – 2019?

The studio opens on the 14th and Jessica and I can’t wait to see all our ladies again. Although we need to downtime over December to regroup and reconnect with family. We miss our weekly dance classes like crazy.

Jessica is then jetting off to Durban and the Nova Production of Happily Never After takes place the first weekend of February.  Click here for show details – Jessica will be sharing all the exciting details about the showcase in a later blog. 

February also see’s us welcoming a new group of ladies to our join our little community in our 10-week beginners’ course. This is a passion for us, the opportunity to introduce a new group of ladies to the wonderful world of Oriental “Bellydance”.

Once the dust has settled, we tend to throw ourselves into the next project of the year. Which for us is our World Belly Dance Day Fundraiser. If you have an organization that you would like us to consider. Pop us an email, or fill in our contact form and we will be in touch. We create a list of potential beneficiaries and then we get our students to vote for their favourite.

I am very excited about May this year! My mentor and teaching instructor will be coming from Germany to spend the weekend with us at the end of May. Marina “Asja Samia” Rehbein. Watch this space for the workshop details.

August sees us all jetting off to Johannesburg for the Miss Belly Dance South Africa Competition. Sadie Marquardt will be here this year (see her poster on our calendar wall). Excitement is running high to be learning from one of America’s Icons in the Belly Dance World.

Do you know the story of the Nutcracker?

Well, Jessica has had a dream of putting on a Belly dance version of that story. Her dream goes all the way back to 2009 when our studio put on its first theatre production called “A Journey Home”. Jessica wrote the script our teacher Janka directed and I got to play the lead. We put that production on in October, which was a little too early for the Nutcracker. So come this November we will be pulling out the stops and bringing you Jessica’s dream project.

Other wonderful events happening around the country:

Cape Town and Johannesburg are being graced by Mercedes Nieto. February (Cape Town) and March (Johannesburg) see our calendar wall for details. There is also CIAD competition happening in Cape Town in March – click here for details and rumors of another Belly Dance Safari happening in May (Hoedspruit – Gauteng) details still pending.

Melanie Wallis

Melanie started dancing and performing for Janka’s Oriental Dance Studio in 2006.  Under the mentorship of Janka Kliment, Melanie began her training to become an Oriental Dance teacher in 2008 and completed it under Asja Samia in 2011.  Melanie is also a certified health and fitness instructor.   Following Janka’s return to Slovakia in 2013, Melanie and Jessica chose to carry forward the vision of their friend and mentor.  They purchased the studio and continue to teach the art and beauty of the dance to all aspiring belly dancers.