It was the official launch of our Kiddie and Teen classes, this past week. 

Jessica and I are really excited about this aspect of the dance world. Especially in our belly dance community, among the young girls dancing today, we have been blessed to work with a few of these up and coming teen and kiddie dancers. They are inspiring to be around, humble and amazing dancers.

With our studio being at my house, Rose has been crashing classes since she could walk. I have plenty of videos of her dancing around in a shimmy belt over her nappy. Last year, Rose and Hayley (Jessica’s Daughter) asked us almost simultaneously when they could have their own class. So we started teaching the girls on a Wednesday at 2:30 pm, they love it – most day’s. Other day’s they just want the class to finish so they can go and play together!

Dance has been part of both of our lives for many years. Both our girls do modern and ballet classes. Having them interested in learning about Bellydance too has been music to our souls. 

I reshared recently a blog on our Facebook page about the importance of dance – Why I don’t pay for dance anymore

The benefits of dance are many, the ones outlined in this blog (click the link above) are only a few. 

Over the years we have had children joining us for various reasons: 

One of the most memorable reasons was a young girl who was suffering from growing pains. She was shy and hid behind her hair, over the years as she grew so did her confidence, the growing pains abated due to the strengthing of her muscles. In her final show, she actually showed everyone her entire face, in her first two she hid behind her fringe. 

If I had to define my top benefits from the list of benefits that you get from dance, it would be this:

  • In Bellydance, you grow not only in confidence, but also body image.
  • Bellydance allows the child to slowly emerge from her cacoon at her own pace.
  • There are no strict timelines or regiments that need to be met.


Melanie Wallis

Melanie started dancing and performing for Janka’s Oriental Dance Studio in 2006.  Under the mentorship of Janka Kliment, Melanie began her training to become an Oriental Dance teacher in 2008 and completed it under Asja Samia in 2011.  Melanie is also a certified health and fitness instructor.   Following Janka’s return to Slovakia in 2013, Melanie and Jessica chose to carry forward the vision of their friend and mentor.  They purchased the studio and continue to teach the art and beauty of the dance to all aspiring belly dancers.