Our performers are highly experienced and have years of experience under their shimmy belts.

We are proud to have the following dancers perform on a regular basis.

Melanie started dancing and performing for Janka’s Oriental Dance Studio in 2006.  Under the mentorship of Janka Kliment, Melanie began her training to become an Oriental Dance teacher in 2008 and completed it under Asja Samia in 2011.  Melanie is also a certified health and fitness instructor.  Melanie was the lead dancer in the studio’s 2009 production “A Journey Home”, and can boast to shimmying away with a Gold and Judge’s Choice prizes at the local All Starz Competition in 2011.  She earned bragging rights for Zahra’s Oriental Dance Studio when she achieved the position of second runner-up at the Miss Belly Dance South Africa competition in 2013.

Her style is influenced by the Egyptian genre of belly dance and she has had the privilege of learning from international stars such as Rania, Ajsa Samia, Mihrimah Ghaziya, Sheyla, Paola Blanton, Silvia Salamanca, Maya Gaorry, Abir & Magdi, Latifa Saadi, Gitza Estrada, Nicole McLaren, Michelle Joyce, Kami Liddle, Secilia Basilika, Nuriyya, Sahla, Danisa de Paul, Artemis, Kristine Adams and Karina Lencina.

Melanie has also been taught by wonderful local teachers including Marina Rehbein, Thelma Rose, Beverli Al-Masrah, Kash, Robert Harris, Senta Duffield, Marina Basson, Rowena Mckay and Shriya.

Following Janka’s return to Slovakia in 2013, Melanie and Jessica chose to carry forward the vision of their friend and mentor.  They purchased the studio and continue to teach the art and beauty of the dance to all aspiring belly dancers.

Jessica has had an affinity for dancing since she was very young.  At the tender age of two years, she would attend her sister’s ballet classes and dance with the older girls.  When she was six, she was enrolled in the Norma Blakeway School of Ballet, and attended classes there for 11 years.  During that time she passed the Royal Academy of Dance grade 7 and pre-elementary exams.  She also achieved Bronze, Silver and Gold certificates at the Port Elizabeth Dance Festival and took part in the Port Elizabeth Youth Ballets from 1992 until 1994.

Jessica then shifted her focus to her academic career, and took a sabbatical from dancing until 2008, when she began belly dancing under the tuition of Janka Kliment.  In 2009 she joined the Evolution Oriental Dance Troupe and began performing regularly at festivals and functions.  She also auditioned to become a teaching assistant and started her apprenticeship in 2010.  During that year she started teaching an evening class at Shapes Gym in Parkside, as well as a morning class and many of the beginner classes at Janka’s Oriental Dance Studio.  In October 2010, Jessica danced at the International Oriental Dance Festival’s Gala event with the Evolution Troupe.

Jessica then took another another sabbatical in 2011 to start a family, but returned to belly dance and began performing again in 2013.

At the end of 2013, Jessica joined forces with Melanie Wallis and bought Janka’s Oriental Dance Studio, changing it’s name to Zahra’s Oriental Dance Studio.  Jessica now runs classes, workshops and performs for Zahra’s.

Jessica has attended workshops with the following local and international dancers:  Marina “Ajsa Samia” Rehbein, Beverli Al-Masrah, Pablo Acosta, Artemis Dewald Eberhardt, Paola Blanton, Mihrimah Ghaziya, Maya Gaory, Thelma Rose and Kristine Adams.

Termaré had been interested in learning the art of belly dancing for a long time before fellow studio member, work colleague and friend, Judith, casually mentioned her dancing classes during an office chat.  Not having known where to attend classes, she eagerly enquired about starting her dancing adventure and had an introductory lesson in late 2012.  She decided to join and regularly attended classes with the new year’s intake in 2013.  Since then, Termaré’s passion for the dance form has increased, with her enthusiastically learning different styles and props from her teachers, Melanie and Jessica.

She attended the International Oriental Dance Festival in Cape Town in October 2014 and danced in its Fringe Programme at the V&A Waterfront Amphitheatre.  She attended Purple Belly Bus training camp in September 2016 run by Akasha and Beverli Al-Masrah.  She also attended the Theatrical Oriental Dance Festival in Cape Town in October 2016.  Termaré is always excited to live up to the challenges that belly dancing provides and enjoys the inspiration it provides for creating jewellery and outfits to complement her routines.

She has had the opportunity to attend workshops with the following local and international dancers:

International Teachers:  Paola Blanton, Latifa Saadi, Gracia Menetti, Artemis, Kristine Adams, Karina Lencina, Elisabeth Wilhelm, Sandra Danse, Maya Gaorry.

Local Teachers:  Thelma Rose, Astrid Lewis, Patricia Vargo, Surika, Marina Rehbein, Beverli Al-Masrah, Ava van Aarde, Natalie Clark.

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